Welcome to Highcraft™ Arms.  We are happy to see you.

We design and manufacture excellent, small, reliable revolver speed loaders that work GREAT and are worthy of the name Highcraft™.

 Our products are made by us in America.



We currently only have one model for five (5) shot revolvers in production but have to others in the works.

Our Highcraft™ Model A Speed Loader that is in production, works with the following five (5) shot revolvers in .38 and/or .357 

  • Ruger® LCR,  Ruger® SP101
  • Smith and Wesson® Models: 36 ,37 ,38 , 40, 42, 48, 49, 60, 340, 360, 640, 642, Airweight, Bodyguard
  • Taurus® Models: 85, 605, 651, 851
  • Rossi® Model 68
  • Charter Arms® Models: Undercover®, Undercover Lite®, Chic Lady®, Southpaw, Off Duty, On Duty

*Backordered but in production – shipping to about 2 weeks* – order now to get it by Christmas! Go to Products to add to your Cart.


After our fall trip to the USCCA Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, we are slightly backordered.  Weare currently shipping about two weeks after you order.

We are sorry for this delay.


We have added two new speed loader models to our store for PRE-ORDER at customers requests.  These are for larger .38/.357 caliber six (6) round revolvers. They will ship in 6-8 weeks.  Check the Products menu for the details


We are building out this site and still have a few areas to complete.  Instructions and FAQ will be added soon.